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Little mice

14 Dec

Once my son started teething everything became fun to explore by putting it in his mouth. As a first time mother I was of course appalled and tried to keep him from doing this all the time. Needless to say I failed… but that is neither here nor there.

Of course his little baby friend – whom is a week older than my bundle- also started this but has since stopped. My son has not stopped doing this but has instead taken to actually eating the toys. He loves his little teeth – because to him it is enormously useful to be able to bite & tear paper and foam with his little choppers. Yes. He eats his toys – it’s as if baby Godzilla decended on the toy box every time he pulls it out.

Well I went grocery shopping not too long ago and upon getting home my son immediately started stopping his get to the now very familiar rhythem of a tantrum. I gave him a bag of bagels while I unloaded the rest of the bags. Two minutes later I look over to him eating the bagels through the bag.


He’s a huge mouse it seems! There is definatly a learning curve here folks – and I will be forever learning the ins and outs of that.


Boobs & a Pregnant Belly

5 Dec

In some women pregnancy is the only time they will actually have a decent set of boobs. I am one of those women, my mother told me to enjoy it. So upon noticing my shirts becoming slightly tighter, I smiled – thinking about what my mother said… and then I got bigger…

No-one tells you that eventually your belly will grow in every which direction. You just see these cute pregnant photos of women who are ‘glowing’ and think wow, they are so beautiful, I can’t wait to be pregnant. Well guess what? Your belly eventually merges with your boobs. It actually touches your boobs. It’s such a weird experience too… because suddenly you only look for bras that have almost no support band whatsoever so they will fit between the tiny gap your boob/belly combination left behind. 

Beware.  The bras you buy in early pregnancy to accomadate your growing bust will be the ones you will be throwing off the minute you get home, yelling in anguish, “I hate having boobs!” Buy one bra at the begining, and wait till you are about 32 weeks… then buy one more.  Then when you start nursing (if you start nursing) you will have yet another set of hurdles to jump as far as holding up the girls.