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Tantrums – the countdown to 18 begins

10 Jan

My son didn’t wait until the terrible twos to turn into a “ToysRUs” baby. Oh no. It was just before his first birthday that my little angel figured out the power of manipulation. Does he use it to his advantage? Oh most certainly!


The place he really starts pulling his dark side is in the car. I know I know, kids don’t like to be restrained. But would it kill him to just get in the seat without a fight? When the backseat door opens the screaming begins. He arches his back, flails his arms, kicks his legs, until you can hardly manage to get him in a seated position to buckle him in. The joys of motherhood don’t stop there. Oh no. The minute we get to a store pointing and screaming is the name of the game. Distract him you say? Fat chance at that. He’s greedy – anything he can’t have is what he wants.

So while you sit there holding your newborn baby thinking how it will get easier with time – thank your lucky stars the baby doesn’t know what a cookie is yet. Because that’s when the real fun begins.