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Cookies for breakfast

23 Feb

I had a different post I was working on for today but now believe that can wait. This is more urgent information…

Lately my son has been getting up at 5 am on the dot. He’s nuts. But he ‘gets ready’ and eats breakfast with daddy before work which he seems to think is pretty cool. This morning I was particularly exhausted from more than normal nursing sessions last night & staying up later than usual.. half my fault I know – but once I got up ( after a mere 5 extra minutes in bed) I find out that my husband has given my son a cookie for breakfast.

Immediately I thought of the skit by Bill Cosby where he gave his children cake for breakfast & his wife appeared with smoke coming out her ears. I’m not that bad. My husbands defense was ‘ he asked for it … so I gave it to him’. I shook my head and walked away – it’s just not worth the effort of getting mad.

So I’m wondering – if I were to ask for a 500k house – would I get it?


One nap, two naps, no nap – oh crap!

20 Feb

Nap time is a special time. I personally love nap time – but once most kIds are old enough they will have a reason to fight it. Lukily I don’t have that problem yet. However I do have the challenge of a kid who loves nap time. Weird right?


Let’s see why… my little bean is 15 months old – and contrary to the majority of children in the USA he is still nursing. No I do not force him to do it and I have cut down quite a bit – but my son loves his nursing times. 

We nurse before nap time, before bed, once at night & before we get up in the morning. It’s a quiet, and soothing time where my son can unwind. I don’t think there is anything wrong with nursing to sleep – God gave us this tool and if it works for you – go for it. Its when something feels wrong that it’s probably an issue.

I have thought about giving up our nursing times – but then I’m faced with a screaming toddler who refuses to go down for a nap. Everyone knows the stress of a toddler who didn’t nap. They’re tantrum throwing, screaming monsters. My little bean specifically will scream and kick about everything.

People have told me to let him cry himself to sleep. I don’t agree with it and I believe something works for every mother – this however is not in line with my parenting beliefs. I think about how awful I feel after crying myself to sleep – are babies/toddlers not tiny lIttle humans? Why would I just keep with my routine with an agreeable toddler for naps? He points at the door and gives me a kiss goodnight and easy peasy (usually, not always) goes to sleep while he is nursing.

Now that I’m a mother I understand how the routine of allowing for naptime is so important. If you don’t have children of your own please be kind and be polite and work around this very important activity. If you do – once you have kids of your own people will be more likely to work with your schedule too.

Tiny tornado

20 Feb

Oh look! My house is clean!


Yes… this is what my house looks like on a ‘good’ day. I bet you don’t want to see it on a bad day.


I think of all those people who think a stay-at-home mother just sits around and chills all day. Oh no. Within seconds of cleaning my house It is ripped to shreds. Do you have any idea how stressful it is cleaning your house 10x a day! 

Beware … beware …