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High heels and sweatpants

26 Apr


Sometimes I walk around my house in heels…. without changing out of my sweatpants. I know what you’re thinking – that sounds downright sexy – and it is!

I have a problem – when my son was born my love affair with heels 3″ and higher did not diminish – it grew stronger. Now I have tons of shoes I can’t chase my son around in. Its tragic.


So I wear them around the house while I fold laundry. What guy doesn’t want to come home to see his wife doing chores in heels? Mine. Of course – like I mentioned – I’m usually wearing sweats.

🙂 Happy Friday!


Part-Time Me

23 Mar

Three months before I got pregnant I lost my job. It was my first ‘real’ job after college and I had worked there for about a year. It wasn’t a huge heartache as I dreaded going to work every day and my boss was less than desirable to work for. But this posed a problem. In a rough economy I had no means of income. So I did what I do best, and I immediatly landed a retail job at the GAP during the interum.

I am not above any job. I would shovel cow crap for a living if its what I enjoyed. So for a few months I worked retail. It was fun! Not to mention the discount 🙂 Then about 2 weeks before I got pregnant I landed a 5 month contract job with a large company. It was BORING. My manager actually told me to bring magazines because we wouldn’t be doing much most of the time. Then I found out I was pregnant.. and then my boyfriend proposed. So I had a wedding to plan and a baby on the way.

Once my contract was up we got married and my new husband lost his job. Lucky him, he didn’t have a swollen belly to compromise his employment search. Unfortunatly the clock was ticking on our life change and he was still on the hunt, so he got a part-time job at a hardware store to get insurance.

About two months before I had my son I landed a part-time job that paid little to nothing, but it was working in a very relaxed environment that I enjoyed. It was a hard job search – one that was painful and I didn’t get jobs I was well qualified for – its illegal but I’m sure there was a little discrimation pointed in my direction. It happens. We made it work, we had no choice. There were no late nights out with friends, but rather movies at home. We didn’t do anything extra but we had fun doing what we did.

Right after my son was born my husband got a good job and we decided it wasn’t worth it to pay daycare for my part-time job. The guys I worked for were more than willing to let me work nights and weekends. So we tried it for a few months. It didn’t work – so I offered the occasional weekend.

Here I am 16 months later, working the occasional weekend to help out the guys who helped me when I had nowhere else to go. It has nothing to do with the money (if it was we’d be in serious trouble!!) its about them looking past what was on the forefront of everyone elses mind – the pregnant belly.

I’m glad we had a rough time. It makes everything more worth while when you have extra. You can really enjoy that cup of gourmet coffee, or an occasional meal out. Its how we come out of our rough patches that makes us who we are. If I had had a great job with benefits, who knows if we would have given that up for me to stay home with my son? Sometimes the hardest things that happen in life – happen so you can enjoy what will come out of them.

Beyond mommyhood – Things about ME!

8 Mar

I think I’ve decided I want to include things about me (because lets face it – I am totally fabulous) because part of being a mother is having your own life too. Now, having said that I must add this: I have no social life. My husband and I go to the mall every Friday night for something to do. Thats my social life.

Kind of embarrassing yes but it is what it is. So on the flipside to that I have a million hobbies. I like to sew, run, scrapbook, cook, shop, sell stuff on eBay, and I love fashion. I am queen project. The problem is I usually have so many projects going at the same time I can’t keep up with them. I know that is a huge shocker, but I really do have good intentions 🙂

I have a degree from Iowa State University (I know you’re all impressed now! haha) in Business Management but also an A.S. in Accounting. You can all see how far those shiny pieces of paper have gotten me… sitting at home, in my basement, typing about my life for anyone who cares to read. Obviously it doesn’t take a Business degree to do this. Fun fact though – my favorite subject was English. (I decided to go the business route because I was too lazy to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life – which I know now – its to sit around at home and eat chocolate!!)

I’m not really as conceited as this post sounds. But every once in a while I like things to be about me, that is probably because my life revolves around my son and my husband. I have a funny story about this…

After my son was born I joined a new gym with a daycare. I was determined I would use the gym and take my little bundle to daycare to play with other kids. I took him twice. The other times I would wait until my husband came home, pass off the baby and leave for 45 min – hour. I loved the time I had to myself. So much so that after awhile (my husband is going to kill me when he reads this) I had a hard time ‘working out’ at the gym. Yes. I will admitt it. Sometimes I would go to the gym and sit in the sauna and read a magazine. Just to have that time where it was all about me. I had no worries in the world except for heat stroke… but I weathered just fine! Needless to say I have discontinued my membership and we bought a treadmill.

Anyways.. that was a little bit more about me! Its Friday – so I’m having a great day!