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Bodily Functions

2 Mar

My husband is 5 years my senior (that makes him sound even older than he is! haha) and even though there is a gap between us, it did nothing to help him with his level of maturity. Take for example the bodily function ‘farting’. He still – at the age of 30- thinks its hillarious every time he does it. Not every other time, not every once in awhile, EVERY time he farts he laughs.

Now that we have a little mimiking child, guess what my son does when he farts? Oh yes. He giggles uncontrollably while his father gives his approval of a thumbs up and a rating of the quailty of the fart.

With a baby/toddler they don’t care where they are when they let one rip – they havent yet learned that it matters. My son is not quiet about anything, especially when he farts. But now he understands that this is funny. Lately he after he lets one go he looks up at us, smiles and starts laughing.

So we thought it was just boys being boys? Nope. Its fathers teaching their boys to be boys.



Cookies for breakfast

23 Feb

I had a different post I was working on for today but now believe that can wait. This is more urgent information…

Lately my son has been getting up at 5 am on the dot. He’s nuts. But he ‘gets ready’ and eats breakfast with daddy before work which he seems to think is pretty cool. This morning I was particularly exhausted from more than normal nursing sessions last night & staying up later than usual.. half my fault I know – but once I got up ( after a mere 5 extra minutes in bed) I find out that my husband has given my son a cookie for breakfast.

Immediately I thought of the skit by Bill Cosby where he gave his children cake for breakfast & his wife appeared with smoke coming out her ears. I’m not that bad. My husbands defense was ‘ he asked for it … so I gave it to him’. I shook my head and walked away – it’s just not worth the effort of getting mad.

So I’m wondering – if I were to ask for a 500k house – would I get it?