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Big babies

11 Mar

My friends wife just gave birth to their second baby – yeay for babies! He is a real whopper too, weighing in just shy of 10 lbs! Here’s the kicker – she had him within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital with no epidural or anything. I now view her as superwoman.

When I had my son I was so drugged up from pitocin, an epidural, a spinal tap, morphine and who knows what else they slipped me through that little needle. I can only imagine what a natural no meds birth would be like – and I applaud all the women out there who have done it! I read an article after I had my son about a woman who did a natural home birth and she talked about how pleasant her experience was paired with the fact that she showered right afterwards. I was probably more enthralled by the statement about the shower – that sounds like heaven.

Maybe my next time around I’ll want to try a VBAC. I just don’t know yet…

Congratulations to all the mommies out there regardless of their method of delivery! We have all accomplished the miracle of birth and no doubt every woman is equally proud of their tiny bundle!


My experience with the Epidural

12 Nov

I had the epidural. I had decided to hell with feeling pain – it’s not for me.

Honestly I’m sure it hurt getting the epidural but I don’t remember much. I was not loving the labor thing so I blocked out parts of the day.


Anyway – after getting the epidural I had a hotspot right on the inside of my pelvis. It was the only place I could feel the contractions – but I could feel them. Naturally when I told the nurse that she said ‘oh great’ like I had done It on purpose.

No one ever explained to me that this could happen. I don’t suspect everyone has this experience so maybe they don’t want to scare anyone… it’s like a burning sensation is one localized region. I can only assume it can be anywhere… I had it by my hip bone.

I had read the common side effects are headache & nausea – I didn’t experience either of these. I know they were about to redo the epidural when I found out I would need a c-section. No one appeared alarmed – like I said – my nurse was pretty much just annoyed with me the whole time. Maybe it’s because I’m so pretty… ha!

There you have it – one more thing I figured out in the delivery room