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Yummi pouches

21 Mar

The new wave of hip mommy life has started with the baby food squeeze pouches. I tried them as a snack option to get my son to eat something other than crackers – and it worked!  He happily sucked down a mix of fruits veggies and grains. Wow! I thought – these things are awesome! But after buying them a few times the price tag got old fast.  At $1-2 a piece those suckers aren’t cheap. So I decided to attempt a reusable pouch.

After some research I found these:

I thought, perfect! So I placed my order – $16 for 6 (crazy but I figured I’d save money in the long run) and waited patiently for them to arrive. Once they came in the mail – I quickly washed them and set to make a ‘smoothie’ like puree to try them out. It worked ok at home, but when I was out in public things went horribly wrong.

The first time something happened I was at a hobby store. I was feeding the B an apple puree when the Ziploc-like end exploded all over me. Not to worry, I am always armed with wipes – in 30 seconds the mess had dissapeared as if it never happened. But the second time was much much worse.

We have a membership to a local children’s museum that we frequent on a weekly basis. Being the ‘organized’ mother I am, I made a smoothie before we left and placed it in my purse. While walking around the museum watching my son play I decided to check my phone – which was in my purse. My purse has a flap that goes around it that you lock and unlock as needed. So I unlocked my purse and pulled open the flap. When I saw what had happened I closed my purse immediately.

Remember the really bad diapers (well none of them are good) before kids start solids and it goes everywhere? Out the legs, up the back, and you stare in horror at the task before you? That was my reaction when I opened my purse. It was a similar sight as the horrible diaper and had managed to get into every nook and cranny. Oh yeay. The pouch had exploded.

So I gathered up my son and headed to the bathroom to do damage control. While he happily flushed the toilet no less than 10 times, I attempted to clean up what I could of the mess. It was not easy. The smoothie had gotten into my wallet, all over the emergency diapers, and in my tube of lip balm. I was about to throw the pouch away, when I decided I would cool down and maybe want to use them again.

The design of the pouch looks most like the store bought pouches. But save yourself the headache… and either pay for the premade store pouches, or buy a different brand. These are not only hazards to your wardrobe, but they are a b!@#$ to clean.