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Does it matter if you’re ready?

18 Apr

My husband and I are discussing the possibility of baby #2 (the cat is out of the bag my friends!) in the near future. Sunday morning I was paid a visit by my very first postpartum period (Horray!! I’ve never been excited to get AF in my whole life until this past week) – and it posed the real question: should we wait or should we make like rabbits and head for the bedroom?

I have made it no secret that I want another baby… RIGHT NOW! haha – instant gratification anyone? 🙂 If I had my way I would already be holding another beautiful baby in my arms – but that was not in the ‘plan’ so to say.

I love it when I ask newlyweds or people about to be married what their plan for children is and they respond with, ‘I don’t think we’re READY yet’, or ‘this isn’t a good time right now’. Is there a perfect time for having kids? Should you have them later and enjoy your youth – or should you have them early and enjoy your middle age. What is the perfect age to have children?? Or what is a good time to start a family? How do you prepare for your world to be flipped upside down?

My husband and I were not smart – and our son is the product of laziness. I will admit it, we knew full well we were not using those sex-ed classes to their full potential, and it was a downright horrible time for me to get pregnant, but guess what? Its amazing and it has all worked out wonderfully.

We are planning a huge trip in July. We are flying to Germany and then visiting Italy – we will be in Europe for 2.5 weeks – do I really want to be pregnant while we are in countries that are known for their beer and wine? Should I base my decision off of a 2.5 week vacation?

Once my hormones started going crazy at the end of December as my body prepared for the return of my fertility I searched all sorts of sites to see if there was something I could do naturally to help balance my hormones. For most things there isn’t enough evidence to support the safety during breastfeeding so I left it alone and here we are in April and my period has returned on its own. I think what I’ve learned from this is not to push God in his plan. He will provide for us in our time of need and he will show us when the time is right. Only He knows.

My son has not been an easy child from day 1. He has required a lot of attention and I feel as though no matter how much I wanted to grow our family God knew that my son needed more time with Mom. What will be will be – my husband has started his own form of birth control in the meantime – its called a beard. 🙂



Bye bye pretty bellybutton

3 Mar

You don’t think about how your body will change when you are younger. You simply think you will be young, hip,and pretty for your entire existence. This may be true for some and I bid you congratulations on landing in the perfect gene pool – however for the rest of us certain life events will change the way we look forever. Let me tell you a story…

When I was 17 I graduated from high-school and was gearing up for my independence when a friend casually asked me if I wanted to get my navel pierced. Being the slightly defiant teen I was – I agreed, even though I knew it would piss off my parents if they found out. We took a trip to the nearest piercing palace and handed over our cash. It was a shady establishment and looking back now I can’t believe I didn’t question the sanitation of what they were doing. At any rate we both left with rings in our navels and instructions on how to care for our new bling.

After a few days I decided the pain sucked and I was going to take it out so I did. The pain subsided and my navel was back to normal. A few years went by and upon turning 19 I decided I needed to do it again. So I headed back to the same salon and repeated the process. This time I keep it. Boy was I smart.

Right before getting pregnant with my son my navel was constantly irritated so I took out my ring. As it had been a few years the hole stuck for awhile and you could tell I had once been “cool”. The news of my pregnancy didn’t phase me and I figured everything would go back to normal after the 38 weeks. Wrong.

When I started to show evidence of a baby my navel started to stretch… and stretch and stretch. Here is where I get graphic and if you can’t handle unsightly news I beg of you to simply click close in the upper right hand corner of your screen and visit again tomorrow, without being scarred by the news you are about to receive. My piercing was on the top of my navel and not only did my navel stretch but the hole where I paid someone to insert a large needle and jam a metal ring through my navel also stretched. It stretched so far I thought it would eventually tear and I would have to have it stiched back together. It did not tear. But it did turn black. It also hurt like hell. (I don’t know, must have something to do with karma – listen to your parents!!)

Once I had my son and my bellybutton shrunk (its not really a sexy taunt belly button anymore, more like a piece of bologna… ) my bellybutton ring hole also shrunk. It took tons of exfoliating to get the dead black skin off it – disgusting right? As obsessed with stretch marks as I was, I didn’t get any (whoohoo!) but I do have the pleasure of sporting a scar between my hipbones, and a scar above my belly button with a little flap of skin that hangs down because the hole was stretched so far beyond its comfort zone – a constant reminder of why my parents were smart after all…

Boobs & a Pregnant Belly

5 Dec

In some women pregnancy is the only time they will actually have a decent set of boobs. I am one of those women, my mother told me to enjoy it. So upon noticing my shirts becoming slightly tighter, I smiled – thinking about what my mother said… and then I got bigger…

No-one tells you that eventually your belly will grow in every which direction. You just see these cute pregnant photos of women who are ‘glowing’ and think wow, they are so beautiful, I can’t wait to be pregnant. Well guess what? Your belly eventually merges with your boobs. It actually touches your boobs. It’s such a weird experience too… because suddenly you only look for bras that have almost no support band whatsoever so they will fit between the tiny gap your boob/belly combination left behind. 

Beware.  The bras you buy in early pregnancy to accomadate your growing bust will be the ones you will be throwing off the minute you get home, yelling in anguish, “I hate having boobs!” Buy one bra at the begining, and wait till you are about 32 weeks… then buy one more.  Then when you start nursing (if you start nursing) you will have yet another set of hurdles to jump as far as holding up the girls.

It all started when….

11 Nov

So about 20 or so months ago I got the results… I peed on a stick in the bathroom (oh how glorious a moment that is) waited the full 3 minutes and BAM! It was official… I was pregnant. But guess what?  I was not married, I had a temp job, and my boyfriend didn’t want kids. Whoops!

When I was growing up I honestly believed that once you were married God would wave his hand over you and you would then be able to get pregnant.  That was a long time ago, but still, it was something I honestly thought was true.  Needless to say over the years I learned the cold hard truth, and proceeded to get my self into this predicament.

The first lesson is this:  its not always all smiles and giggles when you get your results that in approximatly 9 months your world is going to tip right over and be bombarded with the slogan “YOU ARE NOW A PARENT”. However, people will never react how you would expect them to.  For example, I told my father and he was unbeleivably excited.  I was petrified to tell him and guess what? It ended great! (I am the only girl in the family)

From the time I found out about my pregnancy to the time my son was born I got married, blew through 3 jobs, my husband lost his job, I gained 50 lbs and we somehow still made it to the finish line alive to tell the tale…

Expect the unexpected.  The book “What to Expect when you’re expecting” – although is a wonderful book with lots of great advice, it doesn’t even scratch the surface.  You are about to become a mother.  No amount of what I tell you here, or what you read elsewhere will prepare you for what is about to happen to you.