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Traveling with baby…part 1

27 Nov

So this past week was the kickoff of the holiday season. Turkey anyone? Although I had a bIg plate full of turkey, stuffing & mashed potatoes I’m geared up for more! Anyone with me?

Anyway this was our first big traveling experience with a toddler who hates his carseat. Last year we lucked out because when he was itty bitty he loved his seat & slept the whole ride down to my grandparents house (6.5 hours). This time oh how the tables had turned. I had done extreme planning for this 5 day trip in advance as I knew this was no time to ‘wing it’. I made my trip to Target to pick out Mom approved snacks, packed the favorite toys & laid my sunshine down for a nap right before take-off.

Once my husband arrived home from work we set off. Not only were we traveling with an infant- but an anxIety driven beagle/basset dog – the joys of parenthood. After 10 minutes my son was bored. Yeay. We had decided a halfway point to bunk up for the night & we still had 2.5 hours to go. Snacktime started early! After snacktime we re-read the same book a dozen timed then played peek-a-boo. It was a blur of toddler age games & anything that would keep my son occupied. But still I could not keep him entertained the whole time. Fifteen minutes to our destination the tears began… what did I do? I had already played patty cake 100 times, he was begining to reject all toys handed to him, it was go time.

I’m not proud that I’ve resorted to bribing my 13 month old son, I thought it would be awhile before that was my game-but you live & you learn. I reached down into the snack bag, grabbed the box of bunny graham crackers & popped one in his mouth. The tears subsided as he chewed & he smiled. Sugar! Mommy never gives me sugar! And he held out his hand for another. Instead of being upset I already had a plan. Break up the graham crackers so he doesn’t fill up in sugar but he still gets the satisfaction of a naughty treat.

Yes. Not 3 hours into our trip I had given in to bribery. My mother talks about pouring piles of chocolate chips to get my brothers & I to sit down & shut up. Now I know why. Its the little battles that you don’t need to win. Give yourself a break & give the kid a treat.