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The first to go… my hipbones

27 Jun

When I fell pregnant with my son I was about 6 or 7 lbs heavier than I am now – due to the lifestyle my husband and I had. Lots of delicious beer and wine was being consumed and very little care about how many calories I was ingesting or how bloated I was all the time.

This time I was running frequently and only having a half a beer maybe once a week. Never felt bloated or chunky (also due to the fact that I only got one period between pregnancies). That all changed. I feel like overnight my hipbones have disappeared! 

I am not overly skinny but my hipbones have always been prominent and bony. Right now you wouldn’t know I had hipbones even if you went looking for them. 

At 8.5 weeks we can check that off the list. Bye bye…. maybe I’ll see them again in 18 months….


Why I haven’t written

19 Jun

Its difficult to think about anything when you’re laying on the couch all day cursing. I haven’t been feeling well.

A few weeks ago we found out there will be another member of the family come the end of January. As elated as we were – this was earlier than expected and I was unprepared for the weeks of nausea and headaches. 

Today I’m feeling slightly better as I’ve been forcing myself to choke down food every half hour. I remember not understanding how people could do this more than once when I was pregnant with my son – and here we are.  The nausea is really inconvenient.

I watch my husband eat whatever he wants and glare at him because I can hardly manage dry toast. Men simply do the deed and are off the hook for 9 months while us women suffer. Seems unfair.

Anyways that’s my soap box for the day… leta hope this is the begining of the end of the morning sickness.

To my Dad

17 Jun

Dear Dad–

Now that I am older and have a family of my own I would like to say thank you. Thank you for showing me your exitement when you were proud, and your dissapointment when you knew I could do better. I didn’t know then what I know now – and I realize how hard it is to raise a family.

I would also like to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to my mother. It was because of your work-ethic, paired with moms savvy accounting that she was able to stay home with us and raise us. I know what a loving marriage looks like because of how you treat my mom.

All the hours spent in the hot sun ‘busting hump’ – learning that nothing in life is handed to you – I thank you for. I have a good work ethic because of you. As much as I always wanted to sleep in on Saturdays I wouldn’t trade my lessons learned for a few more hours of sleep.

There are many things I want to thank you for but am now at a loss for words. So I will simply end with thank you for all you have taught me, I hope to teach my children everything you’ve taught me.

I love you – Happy Fathers Day

The Art of Bribery

7 May

Yesterday was my sons 18 month appointment. So naturally I dreaded the 11 o’clock appointment like it was the plague and finally settled on a way to deal with it. Hershey’s Kisses.


When my son was younger we would endure the screaming from the time he entered the exam room until the time we arrived home. It was not fun in the slightest but we lived through it. One great thing about nursing waz that I could nurse him right after he was given the shots. Easy as pie the baby would stop screaming – at least for a few minutes until I told him he couldn’t nurse all the way home. We only nurse right before naptime and bedtime now – so that was no longer an option.

We arrived at the doctors office and he was in full terror mode. Climbing over all the chairs, knocking stacks of magazines off the table, and trying to wake-up a newborn baby girl who was asleep in her carrier. Finally the nurses called us back to the room for him to be weighed and measured. Measuring in at 33 lbs and 33 1/4 inches is my idea of a whopping huge 18 month old, and boy is he proud of it strutting his stuff back to the exam room.

Once the doctor opened the door the screaming began. His face must be imprinted on my sons brain as evil, because he screams the minute he sees him. After speaking with the doctor for ten minutes or so I pulled out a chocolate kiss and my son quieted down as he waited for me to unwrap it. “Oh!! Not so bad now is it?” the doctor asked. We both laughed awhile about the art of bribing children. B’s doctor is all for it – if it works why not? We were laughing about how before babies are born parents think ” I would NEVER bribe my child, he will be very well-behaved with out any sort of incentive what so ever” 🙂 I will admit that yes, I was one that thought this way. But chocolate just works so well….

I don’t bribe my son all the time, no its not like that. But on occasion I don’t think it matters too much. Especially when I know that he has to get a shot and that isn’t fun – might as well stash a few reserve chocolate kisses in the purse for myself as well!

The Liebster Award

25 Apr


Thank you so much to Little Steps for nominating me for this award! For those of you who don’t know what the Liebster Award is – it is an award bloggers with not more than 200 followers as a form of recognition and support to continue blogging. I am so happy I was chosen! I will try not to let you down 🙂

The rules are:

– Thank the person who nominated you.

– Answer the 11 questions posted on your nominator’s blog.

– Give the award to your chosen 11 bloggers. Don’t forget to inform them about it by leaving a comment on their blog.

– Pose 11 of your own new questions to your bloggers.

– (Optional) Stick the Leibster award on your blog.

The 11 Questions to answer:

1. Country living or city living?

Country living is for me! I grew up on an acreage in the middle of nowhere and its where my heart has stayed. Everytime I get a few miles outside of town I relax – its like I can suddenly breathe again! Hopefully in the future I will be able to return to the country lifestyle that I love. (Even though – I will be honest – the shoes I love the most are not practical for the country!)

2. Wine or Beer?

This is not an easy one for me. I will however choose wine – dry reds and sweet bubbly wines are my favorite. But a good dry-hop IPA is also right up my alley.

3. Morning or night person?

Morning person. When I was growing up I remember sleeping in until late morning one day and after seeing my mother I just said I don’t understand how you get up so early every day. She just smiled at me and said – You are a morning person Sallie. Now I believe her… even in college I can count on one hand how many times I stayed out past midnight.

4. What book are you currently reading?

Sadly I am going to have to say none. I haven’t made it to the library in ages – I am now addicted to my kindle. Once I download a book I stay up all night to finish so I’m always in a state of searching for a new book to read.

5. If you were to write your memoir, what title would you give it?

You can do anything for 7 minutes.

6. What’s your favourite movie or book? Why?

Pride and prejudice!!! I have been in love with this book since I was young. The classic romantic tale of a tall dark and handsome man oh swoon 🙂 – coming to his senses and professing his love. I love romance. I’m a sucker

7. Why do you blog?

I have always loved to write. I wish I had gone to college for English… but I think I have something to say that people might be interested in hearing. Plus it makes me feel less secluded from the rest of the working world.

8. Is there a story behind the name of your blog?

Yes! I chose ‘Misinformed Mother” because after I had my son I was in a constant state of shock! Nowhere on the internet or in books or from relatives had I been informed of what I was about to go through. I’m sorry but the answer, ‘You’ll know’ to how will I know I am in labor – give me a break. Or my own mother telling me a c-section is a breeze? I was flat out enraged the first time I spoke to my mother after I had my son.

9. What’s inside your everyday bag or for those who don’t have the need for one – what’s inside your pockets?

1 diaper, wallet, 1,000 receipts, 1 earing, crumbs from B’s snack crackers

10. Name a foreign language you’d like to learn and why.

I’m going to gloat a little here – I already know German & English. But I would really love to learn Italian – because its sexy

11. If you had all the money in the world, is there a particular place/country you would love to move to?

Italy. Hands down it wouldn’t even be a competition for me – Venice is amazing but I think I would move to any costal property around there.

Here are my nominees:

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11 Questions:

1. Do you have hobbies outside of blogging?

2. What prompted you to begin blogging?

3. If you could be any animal in the world – what would it be and why?

4. Do you eat ‘in’ more than you eat ‘out’?

5. What is your biggest accomplishment?

6. What is your ‘guilty’ treat?

7. Are you a planner or a spontaneous do-er?

8. What is your favorite childhood memory?

9. Cake or Ice Cream?

10. Is there a household ‘chore’ you enjoy doing?

11. Do you call or text?

Cloth Diapers

26 Mar


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but we use cloth diapers. In an effort to save money and the environment I decided to invest the time & effort.

Oh the looks I received when I told people we were going to cloth diaper were as if I said we were going to give up our child for adoption. Shock and Awe. My mother did it and told me it sucks and I would hate it. Likewise my husbands grandmother said the same thing.

So being the great mother-to-be I was – I meticulously scowered the reviews about different diapers until I couldn’t see straight. I had the option of spending less, but then would the quality be ok? I could make my own –but did I REALLY want to invest the time? I could spend up to $35/per diaper – but was it worth it? Hours and I mean literally HOURS were spent looking at different brands – weighing the pros and cons. I was obsessed. My husband was ready to file for a divorce.

Its funny – the things we become fixated on while preparing for a child. My husband was obsessed with the car seat (I do agree that it is very important to be safe) and I was obsessed with the diapers… Mine was a cost saving strategy – where as my husband spent big. We tend to balance each other in that sense.

I came to the realization that if this was to save money I had to go with a less expensive diaper. So I bought a bunch of BabyGenius diapers off eBay for $1.75 – 3 a piece. Then after he was born and we discovered that he was indeed, quite the heavy wetter – I invested the extra cash for hemp liners. I ended up upgrading to FuzziBunz one-size diapers (but I bought the ‘seconds’ at $8/per), but I have still used my cheap diapers this entire time and have only had to throw out 1 of the 12 I bought – not too bad I would say. So for under $150 I have committed to 90% cloth diapering (I do use the occasional disposable & he wears disposable at night because I’m tired of waking up in a puddle of urine).

Its really not hard. Shake the solids off in toilet and wash in the machine. Done and done. I have a hard enough time buying toilet paper – because you are literally flushing your money down the toilet – that something was bound to tick me off about diapering. Once I started calculating the cost of diapers (the cheapest I’ve found diapers are for .13 cents per diaper) I about had a heart attack.

Thats my story about how we live green & save cash – because cloth diapering is cool! (Plus its cuter!)

Proof that cloth is cuter!

Proof that cloth is cuter!


Sugar is my vise

13 Mar


When I’ve had a particularly stressful night with the B – I tend to want to stuff my face with the sweet stuff. Since my son was born I’ve been trying to be better about what I eat – in order to lead by example – but sometimes I just want my sugar. I could probably go as far as to eat it by the spoonfuls out of the jar but that might seem slightly barbaric.

They do say lack of sleep makes you crave junk food – and I completely believe it.

One of the things I do to help with not eating sugar is to make ‘fake’ cookies and cakes. These don’t contain sugar, but may contain a trace of agave nectar or a few chocolate chips. Recently my son has taken it upon himself to let me know that he is no longer fooled by my games. If the ‘cookie’ I give him has a chocolate chip in it, he will promptly eat the chocolate chip and throw the rest of the cookie on the floor in disgust. It is extremely rare that I allow him to have a ‘real’ cookie – but he knows the difference, oh yes, he knows.

So needless to say last night was stressful, and today I wanted nothing more than to scoop mass amounts of sugar onto my cereal. Instead, I made ‘real’ cookies. They were enjoyed by all for their delicious buttery, sugary goodness. Each cookie was oozing with chocolate chips, and every bit as delicious as I had hoped. My son also was allowed to partake in this delicious activity. He tried to stuff the whole cookie in his mouth at once… I wonder where he gets that?

Now my craving has been satisfied and tomorrow I will wake up wanting even more, but sadly I will have to resist. Oh sugar, must you make a mockery out of me?