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The first to go… my hipbones

27 Jun

When I fell pregnant with my son I was about 6 or 7 lbs heavier than I am now – due to the lifestyle my husband and I had. Lots of delicious beer and wine was being consumed and very little care about how many calories I was ingesting or how bloated I was all the time.

This time I was running frequently and only having a half a beer maybe once a week. Never felt bloated or chunky (also due to the fact that I only got one period between pregnancies). That all changed. I feel like overnight my hipbones have disappeared! 

I am not overly skinny but my hipbones have always been prominent and bony. Right now you wouldn’t know I had hipbones even if you went looking for them. 

At 8.5 weeks we can check that off the list. Bye bye…. maybe I’ll see them again in 18 months….


Why I haven’t written

19 Jun

Its difficult to think about anything when you’re laying on the couch all day cursing. I haven’t been feeling well.

A few weeks ago we found out there will be another member of the family come the end of January. As elated as we were – this was earlier than expected and I was unprepared for the weeks of nausea and headaches. 

Today I’m feeling slightly better as I’ve been forcing myself to choke down food every half hour. I remember not understanding how people could do this more than once when I was pregnant with my son – and here we are.  The nausea is really inconvenient.

I watch my husband eat whatever he wants and glare at him because I can hardly manage dry toast. Men simply do the deed and are off the hook for 9 months while us women suffer. Seems unfair.

Anyways that’s my soap box for the day… leta hope this is the begining of the end of the morning sickness.

Part-Time Me

23 Mar

Three months before I got pregnant I lost my job. It was my first ‘real’ job after college and I had worked there for about a year. It wasn’t a huge heartache as I dreaded going to work every day and my boss was less than desirable to work for. But this posed a problem. In a rough economy I had no means of income. So I did what I do best, and I immediatly landed a retail job at the GAP during the interum.

I am not above any job. I would shovel cow crap for a living if its what I enjoyed. So for a few months I worked retail. It was fun! Not to mention the discount 🙂 Then about 2 weeks before I got pregnant I landed a 5 month contract job with a large company. It was BORING. My manager actually told me to bring magazines because we wouldn’t be doing much most of the time. Then I found out I was pregnant.. and then my boyfriend proposed. So I had a wedding to plan and a baby on the way.

Once my contract was up we got married and my new husband lost his job. Lucky him, he didn’t have a swollen belly to compromise his employment search. Unfortunatly the clock was ticking on our life change and he was still on the hunt, so he got a part-time job at a hardware store to get insurance.

About two months before I had my son I landed a part-time job that paid little to nothing, but it was working in a very relaxed environment that I enjoyed. It was a hard job search – one that was painful and I didn’t get jobs I was well qualified for – its illegal but I’m sure there was a little discrimation pointed in my direction. It happens. We made it work, we had no choice. There were no late nights out with friends, but rather movies at home. We didn’t do anything extra but we had fun doing what we did.

Right after my son was born my husband got a good job and we decided it wasn’t worth it to pay daycare for my part-time job. The guys I worked for were more than willing to let me work nights and weekends. So we tried it for a few months. It didn’t work – so I offered the occasional weekend.

Here I am 16 months later, working the occasional weekend to help out the guys who helped me when I had nowhere else to go. It has nothing to do with the money (if it was we’d be in serious trouble!!) its about them looking past what was on the forefront of everyone elses mind – the pregnant belly.

I’m glad we had a rough time. It makes everything more worth while when you have extra. You can really enjoy that cup of gourmet coffee, or an occasional meal out. Its how we come out of our rough patches that makes us who we are. If I had had a great job with benefits, who knows if we would have given that up for me to stay home with my son? Sometimes the hardest things that happen in life – happen so you can enjoy what will come out of them.

Big babies

11 Mar

My friends wife just gave birth to their second baby – yeay for babies! He is a real whopper too, weighing in just shy of 10 lbs! Here’s the kicker – she had him within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital with no epidural or anything. I now view her as superwoman.

When I had my son I was so drugged up from pitocin, an epidural, a spinal tap, morphine and who knows what else they slipped me through that little needle. I can only imagine what a natural no meds birth would be like – and I applaud all the women out there who have done it! I read an article after I had my son about a woman who did a natural home birth and she talked about how pleasant her experience was paired with the fact that she showered right afterwards. I was probably more enthralled by the statement about the shower – that sounds like heaven.

Maybe my next time around I’ll want to try a VBAC. I just don’t know yet…

Congratulations to all the mommies out there regardless of their method of delivery! We have all accomplished the miracle of birth and no doubt every woman is equally proud of their tiny bundle!

Boobs & a Pregnant Belly

5 Dec

In some women pregnancy is the only time they will actually have a decent set of boobs. I am one of those women, my mother told me to enjoy it. So upon noticing my shirts becoming slightly tighter, I smiled – thinking about what my mother said… and then I got bigger…

No-one tells you that eventually your belly will grow in every which direction. You just see these cute pregnant photos of women who are ‘glowing’ and think wow, they are so beautiful, I can’t wait to be pregnant. Well guess what? Your belly eventually merges with your boobs. It actually touches your boobs. It’s such a weird experience too… because suddenly you only look for bras that have almost no support band whatsoever so they will fit between the tiny gap your boob/belly combination left behind. 

Beware.  The bras you buy in early pregnancy to accomadate your growing bust will be the ones you will be throwing off the minute you get home, yelling in anguish, “I hate having boobs!” Buy one bra at the begining, and wait till you are about 32 weeks… then buy one more.  Then when you start nursing (if you start nursing) you will have yet another set of hurdles to jump as far as holding up the girls.

My experience with the Epidural

12 Nov

I had the epidural. I had decided to hell with feeling pain – it’s not for me.

Honestly I’m sure it hurt getting the epidural but I don’t remember much. I was not loving the labor thing so I blocked out parts of the day.


Anyway – after getting the epidural I had a hotspot right on the inside of my pelvis. It was the only place I could feel the contractions – but I could feel them. Naturally when I told the nurse that she said ‘oh great’ like I had done It on purpose.

No one ever explained to me that this could happen. I don’t suspect everyone has this experience so maybe they don’t want to scare anyone… it’s like a burning sensation is one localized region. I can only assume it can be anywhere… I had it by my hip bone.

I had read the common side effects are headache & nausea – I didn’t experience either of these. I know they were about to redo the epidural when I found out I would need a c-section. No one appeared alarmed – like I said – my nurse was pretty much just annoyed with me the whole time. Maybe it’s because I’m so pretty… ha!

There you have it – one more thing I figured out in the delivery room